Danny Melillo

Head Instructor

Danny is a Brown Belt under Professor Laercio Fernandes.

Ngoc Melillo

Assistant Instructor

Ngoc began her journey way before ever stepping a foot onto the mats. She started by supporting her boyfriend (husband now) and his team. Along the way she grew a small interest in training Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. Messing around at home and in the backyard she gains enough courage to start going to a few women’s only classes. Her spark for more came from a women’s only seminar she was invited to from a my close friend. She started doing more classes right after. Shortly after she started her classes she moved to Washington in supporting her fianc√©’s Jiu Jitsu journey and opening his own academy. After only a few months of training she built the courage to start competing. After giving birth to her daughter, she has focus more on helping others and their journeys along the way. With her experience she has obtained along the way. Ngoc is a great help to others and really enjoys sharing her knowledge with other women and children. Come by and try a class or even just start a conversation with her, she is always eager to share with others.

Aaron Wisdom

Assistant Instructor

Aaron has been training consistently and many years of experience in both Gi and No-Gi Jiu Jitsu. He started his training with Danny in Muay Thai kickboxing. Shortly after, Aaron fell in love with Jiu Jitsu and his journey began. Aaron has been playing traditional sports since a child before switching over his lifestyle like many other people who are now involved with this Martial Art/Sport. He is also an entrepreneur which helps him in adapting and overcoming situations to make results. You will see him helping others on and off the mats using his knowledge and experience he has gained along his journey; You’ll always find students smiling and happy to have him around. You can find him competing and at times testing himself to see what’s working for him, plus continuing working on improving which comes from the love for the art. We are excited to have him represent us and see him grow along his journey.