Jacob Grillo – Student Testimonial

Jitz Life and Fitness – Top quality sport and practical jiu-jitsu for all ages. Besides being under some of the greatest jiujitsu practitioners in the world, Jitz Life and Fitness has been a place of refuge for me personally. It has a warm welcoming atmosphere, namely because those who are considered regulars, are warm and welcoming people. Being a part of this amazing family of jiu jitsu lovers has been pivotal in my journey and has made me into a better person. It has helped me through tough times in life that could very easily could have broken me mentally otherwise.This jiu-jitsu academy also has a top-notch kids’ program that safe, fun, and instills discipline in kids of all ages. It helps prepare them for the journey of life that lies ahead. As one who has served in the military and has been a part of combat sports for 15 years, I highly recommend that you and your children begin your jiu-jitsu life with Jitz Life and Fitness, for there is not a better place to be.


Joe Oxley – Student Testimonial

Training with Danny and his team at Jitz Life & Fitness has given me more confidence when I go to work. I have also learned how to deal with problems in life as well.


Jason Freeman – Student and Parent Testimonial

My kids train here. This is the best place around for kids to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Instructor Danny Melillo does an amazing job with the team teaching the kids confidence, respect and integrity. Combined with world class instruction the kids have fun and enjoy improving themselves a little each day.